Gin Stations

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Do you want to make your next drinks reception more memorable for your guests?

Our Pop-Up Gin Stations are the perfect accompaniment for any networking event.



A Madam Geneva & Gent Pop-Up Gin station to adds a unique and exiting experience for your guests to interact with during your event.

It will make your event more engaging and memorable, setting your evening apart from other networking events your guests have attended before.

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How Do Our Pop-Up Gin Stations Work?

Our pop-up gin stations can be activated throughout the duration of your event, hosted by a member of the Madam Geneva & Gent team.

Your guests will have the opportunity to visit a gin station where the Madam Geneva & Gent Host will hold a mini-gin-masterclasses.

Each visitor to the gin station will sample two tastings of premium gins or a gin drinks.

We explore the flavour profile of each gin, it’s relevance to history of gin, and it 'ginfluence' on our society today.



Each guest who visits our Pop-Up Gin Stations will:

  • Learn how to taste gin

  • Discover what makes gin unique to any other spirit

  • Have those ‘Oh my gosh, I never knew that moments’

  • Receive a recipe card for how to make the perfect G&T or Gin Cocktail